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September/October 2018 Issue


The Model “B” Decoded
Digging Into The Serial Number Registers
30 Commentary
39 Perspectives
The Junk Dealer — by Caesar E. Rinaldi
Tractor Pulling Is Not Like Farming — by Walter Menegus
From Hoes To A 3010 — The Evolution of Orchard Weed Control — by Dan Resh
Refinding #1070 — by Harlan Kruger
Sackett Sez… A Customer’s Story — by Lee Sackett
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The Code No. 174 Model “BW” had the lowest production of the late-styled “B” Series Tractors, with a total of fewer than four thousand units (3022 gasoline, 790 all-fuel).

Note the deep dish of the 42-inch rear wheels. The combined effect of reversing these wheels and moving them to the ends of the long “BW” (and “BN”) axle shafts provided a maximum rear wheel tread width of 104 inches — fully 16 inches wider than the Model “B”. With 25.4 inches of clearance under the rear axle, and 24 inches under the front axle, the “BW” was just right for several vegetable crops. An available front axle extension provided the ability to offset the tractor for cultivating tomatoes grown in wide rows. Some farmers in other regions simply preferred the “BW” for its increased stability, like the fellow in the photo operating a windrower.

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