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"30" Series sales Information Book | The Companion to The "30" Series Sales Information Book

Deere & Company's Early Tractor Development | How to Weld


“30” Series Sales Information Book!
The Same Information The Dealers Received!

The original books are very rare. J.R. Hobbs and Jack Cherry have only ever seen one complete book in good condition, and it was used to make this 130-page reproduction.

Originally published and distributed to dealers 50 years ago in 1958, it contains images, descriptions, and specifications of “30” Series Agricultural Tractors and optional equipment. The reproduction even includes the color foldout introduction, just like the original!

The originals were bound in a “loose-leaf” notebook with the intention that the book could be updated. This also became their downfall, as pages became lost over the decades. Distribution of them also may have been less than that of the similar “20” Series Dealer Information Book, as far more of them still exist than do the “30” Series Book. Another explanation is that some dealers didn’t take the time to insert the “30” Series Package into their notebooks, and discard or file away the “20” Series information. Consequently, the “30” Series Package, which arrived in a mailing and was held together with a paper band, was tucked in a desk drawer or filing cabinet and ultimately lost.

The reproduction is firmly bound into a rugged, soft-cover book. Contents are listed rather than tabbed, to eliminate the possibility of tab-page damage and to avoid difficulty in turning pages. Also, eliminating the tab pages helped to keep publishing costs in line. While the value of a good original is in the range of $1000 or more, Two-Cylinder Club Members can own the reproduction for just $20.00! This is quite possibly the Best Value and Most Important Single Item Ever Made Available for anyone owning or planning to own a John Deere “30” Series Two-Cylinder Tractor. The limited one-time-only production run is sure to make this reproduction a sought-after collectible in its own right in the years to come.They’re half sold out! Order yours, and another for a friend, today!

The books are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. This is a one-time-only publishing run; the printing plates have been destroyed! Order soon so you will be assured of getting a copy. And, at this bargain price, you may wish to order several additionals to serve as gifts for family and friends.

The contents of the 130-page book are as follows:

Introduction 8 pages

“330”–“430” Wheel Models 14 pages

“430” Crawler Models 12 pages

“330”–“430” Features 22 pages

“530”–“630”–“730” Row-Crop Models 18 pages

“630”–“730”–“830” Std. & “620” Grove 22 pages

“530”–“630”–“730”–“830” Engines 10 pages

“530”–“630”–“730” Hydraulics 14 pages

“530”–“630”–“730” Miscellaneous Features 10 pages

Only $20.00 per copy!


The Companion To The

“30” Series Sales Information Book

the “20” Series Book!

Even more Colorful and Informative than the “30” Series Book!
The same size and same impressive quality, but this book contains
“see-through” pages to let you “build” your own Custom Powr-Trol Hydraulic System!

That’s right… you can start with the basic rockshaft and then add a single remote cylinder; or dual remote cylinders; and a universal 3-Point Hitch! That, and the great information and easy-to-understand images throughout this wonderful book, will increase your knowledge of the “20” and “30” Series Tractors to a new level. When combined with the “30” Series Sales Information Book that was reproduced earlier this year (the only two such books made available to dealers in the late-1950s) you’ll have a real grasp on the later two-cylinder tractors — something not all John Deere enthusiasts will be able to say. Yes, it takes both of these books to complete the two-cylinder set, but they won’t be available to everybody. The “30” Series Book is approaching the “SOLD OUT” status, and the exact same number of “20” Series Books have been ordered. Like the “30” Series, after the one-time-only production run, the printing plates will be destroyed! To top it off, there is an 11-page list of equipment for use with John Deere Tractors. The implement is listed, a description given, and then appropriate tractor model(s) are listed. It even goes so far as to list the John Deere Factory at which the implement was manufactured! Never before has such information been laid out in this concise fashion, but here it all is in the “20” Series Sales Information Book.

Obviously, with the see-through pages, this book cost more to produce. Even so, it is available to Two-Cylinder Club Members for just $25.00 plus handling and shipping. (Non-member price is $40.00.)

John Deere "20" Series Two-Cylinder Tractors

Here’s what it contains…

  • Full-color images and essential information and specifications on 32 pages, covering the “320”, “420”, “520”, “620”, “720”, and “820”.
  • The “420” Wheel Tractors are explained (with photos and illustrations on ten pages) to a degree that will make you more knowledgeable than ever.
  • The “420” Crawler is featured on 12 pages that fulfills what you need to know to really understand what these little powerhouses are all about.
  • No less than 14 pages are devoted to the engine for the “520”, “620”, and “720”, including gas, LP-Gas, and Diesel.
  • An exciting, 26-page section on Hydraulics will help to end the mysteries of “what” and “how.” While some may take issue with the description “exciting,” that’s just how it can be, with over 50 images plus the super-nifty “build-it-yourself” see-through pages.
  • A 12-page “Miscellaneous” section on the Waterloo Tractors shows many of the features and options that set one tractor apart from another, and add to the rarity and value of an otherwise common model.
  • The final section is the 11-page Working Equipment list described earlier; a must-have for the person interested in pairing an implement with a tractor.
  • 130 pages in all. A wonderful, valuable, and useful reference for yourself, or the perfect gift for a friend, all at the very reasonable price of just $25.00.

The original book is shown above. It is a full-sized 8-1/2"x11" book of the loose-leaf type, with an embossed leather-look paper-product cover and tab pages to separate subjects. The reproduction does not have tab pages, and it is quality softbound in the same manner as this magazine. The back side of each tractor page contains specifications for that tractor. The contents of the book are described on page 28.

Only $25.00 per copy!



John Deer Book Early Tractor Development

Deere & Company's Early Tractor Development

A comprehensive account of Deere & Company’s earliest activities in tractor design and development. Theo Brown was considered to be one of Deere's most productive engineers. Vintage photos. Covers the Melvin, Dain, Sklovskly Tractors and the single-row motor cultivator, and the two-row motor cultivator. 11 x 8-1/2", soft cover, 64 pages. Regular price: $12.95. Club Member price: $9.95.




The Alalskan Retreater’s Notebook

Ray Ordorica has done what most men would only dream of doing; he escaped the rush, noise, and complications of civilization for several years. As a result, he still lives alone in a remote area of mountainous, forested Idaho some 30 miles from the nearest small town. And that’s a bit too crowded.

Ray is one of us; a Two-Cylinder fan. That’s where the similarity ends. Those who have met him — the guy who has lived alone in Alaska, been on safari in Africa, lived on a shoestring or less in the wilderness, written and edited firearms books and articles, and rebuilt an airplane in his living room — regard him to be one of a kind. Perhaps century off at the time of his birth; at least half a century.

I just finished reading his latest work, The Alalskan Retreater’s Notebook, and found myself having to pause and reflect again and again on things he wrote. He has a great skill at bringing reality to pages, and a great capacity for telling the absolute truth. I found myself searching for answers of which there were no questions. Let Ray’s book take you on a journey into your own conscience, and see if you’re up to the trip.

It’s the perfect gift to give yourself, or for a friend who has had just a it too much of society. Plenty of black-and-white photos help the reader to picture all of the wonderful descriptions. It’s a darn good book, and I recommend it because so much of what is written these days is phony. This one isn’t. Jack Cherry

Format: Softbound, 229 pages, 8-1/4" (h) x 5-1/2" (w).

Regular Price: $14.99. Club Member Price: $12.99

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John Deere Waterloo Tractor Factory

While inventorying back issues of Two-Cylinder magazine, four cartons (140 copies) of the Waterloo Production Log were discovered.

As many collectors know, production dates of most Waterloo-built “Numbered” Series Two-Cylinder Tractors were not recorded and are not available. The same is true for Waterloo’s New Generation Tractors. The Production Log does not deal with individual serial numbers, but it does show how many of each tractor went down the assembly line (monthly). This is of particular interest, and this the only original source that shows such information. The Serial Number Registers, by contrast, only provides shipping dates.

Here’s your last chance to get one of these “must-have month-by-month records of tractor production at Waterloo. 11" x 8-1/2", stiff soft cover, 88 pages. Regular Price:$29.95. Club Member Price: $21.95, plus shipping/handling.
Phone the Club office at: 1 888 782-2582

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